Sunday, 1 November 2015

Why is sugar bad?

A lot of people keep thinking that if they cut out fat from their diet, their weight loss will be faster and they will achieve levels of fitness. Fat is required by the body for a variety of functions. And again, there are good fats and bad fats.
Sugar is your enemy. A little sugar will not do you harm, because your body will burn it to produce energy, provided you are creating a situation for your body to burn that (exercise, physical activity).
Sugar is an empty calorie. Empty calories are foods that provide high amounts of energy with very little or zero nutritional value.
Sugar that does not get broken down by the body will be converted to fat. All our ancestors and generations have been consuming sugar on a daily basis, and so a whole new argument can stem out of that.
What we must keep in mind is that they were far more active than we are today, plus they did not have an array of sugar laden products that line the shelves of our supermarkets and grocery stores today.
Cookies, soft drinks, juices, breakfast cereals, yogurts, flavored milks, pastries, savory items, chips, tomato ketchup, jams, and the list goes on.
We have all of that available today and most of the above constitute some percentage of our daily food plan.
Sugar raises our blood sugar levels rapidly. This is bad as it causes an imbalance in our sugar levels, and can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, obesity and weight gain.
Sugar makes you more hungry, it gives rise to what is known as 'hunger craving'. You are not physically hungry, but your body demands more food or more sugar to bring your blood sugar levels back within balance. Ever realized how just one bit of chocolate or sweet is never enough? Drink a carbonated drink and you will feel the hunger craving set in within 20 - 30 minutes.
Sugar weakens your collagen. Simply put, it makes your skin look dull and loose, gives rise to wrinkles and creases in the skin. This is caused by the "free radical" (bad for your body), that excess sugar in your body produces.
Sugar is of no use to our body. I'm talking about white, refined, table sugar. Get the required, healthy sugars for your body, from natural foods that are rich in sugar, like Fruits, Vegetables, Honey, Jaggery, etc.
Make an attempt to cut down your sugar intake today. It's a lifestyle change. Reduce your intake day by day.
Have a little, but make sure you do your exercise to burn or break down that sugar, so it does not get stored away as fat in your body.
You can’t say NO to all pastries, desserts or foods that contain sugar, but you can reduce your intake and ensure you do your bit of exercise.
You know you can do it, so you only need to start. 

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