Sunday, 1 November 2015

What are some good snacking ideas?

---Banana + teaspoon of peanut butter + teaspoon of honey + sprinkles of cinnamon = Amazing healthy snack!

---Cucumbers are excellent for weight reduction diet. They are rich in water content and have very low calories in them. They help to fill your stomach without adding extra calories in the diet.

---Nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole-wheat bread can be a good source of complex carbs before weight lifting.

---Don't go to fast food- grab an apple and some almonds. Great snack for energy!

---When French fries are fried, they produce a toxic, possible cancer-causing chemical. It's best to stay far away from them.

---Keep fresh fruits and veggies in a see through container in your fridge. You will know they are already cleaned and easy to grab and see.

---Fat burning foods: grapefruit, watermelon, berries, hot peppers, celery, greek yogurt, eggs, fish, green tea, coffee, water, oatmeal.

---Have a few hard boiled eggs ready in the fridge at all times! High protein and easy on the go.

---puffed rice or kurmura. Spice it up with masalas, curry leaves, lemon juice, little bit of peanuts (roasted) and make it a yummy evening snack or any peak hunger time snack

---Eat This Omit That! 1 bowl Dal/ pulses/ sprouts = 2-3 small cubes of full fat cottages cheese. Thus enjoy the bowlful of proteins daily.

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