Sunday, 1 November 2015

What are the different types of breathing exercise?


Here are some of the different types of breathing exercises to choose to practice:

Basic breathing – One may think he/she already knows how to breathe, but are they breathing properly? A lot of people actually don’t, as silly as that may sound. To breathe correctly, one’s stomach should expand while inhaling. There should be no expanded chest and shoulders should not rise. Guide them to lie on the floor with hands on stomach, inhale through nose and count to five. Exhale as much as possible through mouth and then repeat the process for five to 10 minutes.

Deep breathing – This exercise takes basic breathing a step further. Ask to breathe more deeply by inhaling and exhaling more slowly. Both basic and deep breathing techniques are excellent for children and teens to practice if they’re feeling angry or upset.

Hum breathing – As the name of this exercise implies, one need to hum while exhaling. To begin, follow the steps of basic breathing. Once in groove, begin humming while exhalation. Keep humming for as long as possible and pull stomach muscles in to hum a few seconds longer. Rest for two to three minutes and start humming again as you exhale.

Visualization breathing – Once again, ask to follow the steps for basic breathing. But this time, instead of allowing one’s mind to focus solely on breathing, focus on a positive place or situation that they would like to be in like visualizing going on the vacation t, buying the dream house or just spending time with family. The situation that eases worries and brings a sense of peace is what one should focus on.

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