Sunday, 1 November 2015

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is a term used to explain sleeping habits. It has nothing to do with taking a shower before you go to bed (unless that helps you sleep better). Ranging from your before bedtime rituals to how you wake up, sleep hygiene includes:
●Your activities prior to going to bed
●The time you go to bed at night
●When you wake up in the morning
●How many hours you sleep in between
●Your bedtime routine
●Your sleep environment (your bedroom), including the quality of your mattress
● Your diet and exercise habits Today's hectic; high-tech lifestyle is not geared towards allowing people to get enough healthy, restful sleep. Gruelling 60-hour work weeks, 24 hour shopping and exercise facilities, and continual access to television and the internet make getting ample sleep a challenge. Physical and emotional illness, relationship difficulties, loss of work-based productivity, accidents, drug and/or alcohol dependence, all are often linked to sleep deprivation.

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