Sunday, 1 November 2015

Which is the best way to add on juices in diet?

There is a lot being said about juicing fruits. It’s convenient, no doubt, quick and easy to prepare, and you can sip on it while driving to work, at a meeting, or during your workout. People see the word fruit written on a tetra pack and it goes right into their shopping cart. Some companies even advertise ‘100% pure juice’, but there will be preservatives, which are not natural, otherwise these juice cartons should have a shelf life of less than 48 hours, before they spoiled. Fruits are loaded with healthy natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and fiber. What happens when you put it in the mixer? The fiber gets broken down and so do most of the valuable nutrients. So is that glass of juice really doing what you expect it to do for your body?
It’s still better than having carbonated drinks, but it’s more effective to eat the whole fruit and reap all its nutritional benefits.
I had a client who believed that the body should digest fruit juice faster than a whole fruit. Remember, a fruit, in whole form or juice is a simple carbohydrate, and the body quickly digests both.
Now mixing a fruit juice with a vegetable is a better option than just a plain fruit juice. Vegetables are complex carbohydrates, and when put through a mixer, fiber still gets retained. So you may explore different combinations of fruits and vegetables and whip up a refreshing and healthy juice.
That’s all about carbohydrates. Keep it simple, eat your carbohydrates, enjoy them too. 

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