Sunday, 1 November 2015

How should our breakfast be?

Make it the largest meal of your day: When you wake up, your body is like the cold engine of a car. It needs to be warmed up to start. Your metabolism is the same. It needs to be jump-started. Once your metabolism is at optimum levels, your bodily functions perform efficiently. Breakfast is that source of fuel. If you skip your breakfast, your body has really not woken up and you start your day on a tired note, physically or mentally or both. What happens next is predictable. Your lunch portion will be huge, because you have no fuel source since the previous night’s dinner.
Breakfast will kick-start your metabolism and set the course of your day. Most people who skip breakfast have weight related problems. In many countries, you will be served chocolate pastries, Danish pastries and other savory items for breakfast. Too much of these pastries may not be a health choice, but guess what, if you eat them at breakfast, you have the entire day for your body to break it down, with very little chances of it getting stored as fat, considering you have an active day ahead of you and will do some sort of exercise.
I’d like to mention here about the importance of starting your day with fruits. If you go back to the carbohydrate section in the book, fruits are categorized as a “simple” carbohydrate. Which simply means, that a fruit gets digested quickly by the body, providing instant energy to the individual consuming it.
Many of us must have that cup of tea or coffee upon waking up. Nothing wrong with that; the only suggestion being, have your piece of fruit first. Let the instant energy jump start our metabolism, and then have your tea and coffee. Tea or coffee stimulates the brain to wake up, but it suppresses your metabolism. What you want is a complete wake up. A fruit will help you do that, and then if you must, enjoy your cuppa.

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