Sunday, 1 November 2015

Whats the connection between workout and sleep?


A productive workout is just not measured on how many minutes or hours you exercised. It goes further. What are the results of your workout? Your body burns calories even when you sleep.
When you exercise your muscles get broken down (not literally) and they get repaired, which means that they develop in size or strength when your body is at rest. So if you have less sleep or rest, your muscles don’t recover completely and there are chances that you may get injured during your next workout. Several people I know pump iron or run every single day of the week, and these people struggle to achieve their fitness goal and end up getting frustrated, or trying even harder. The key is rest. Let your body and muscles recover and you will find your next workout all the more productive. A great workout will promote a good night’s sleep. Sometimes you will find that your body requires more sleep. It usually depends on the amount of physical activity you had during the day and also the amount of mental stress. 

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