Sunday, 1 November 2015

What are the benefits of sauf?

It is an Indian custom to have a tsp of fennel/sauf/variyali after ever meal and there is a reason behind this custom...
1. Fennel is a powerful herb against stomach upsets, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, and other stomach disorders.
2. It can also be used in normalizing the functionalities of the kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, and aiding the digestive process.
3. It helps in controlling cardiac problems, treating bronchial asthma, curing heartburn, easing water retention, lowering hypertension, and soothing chest pain due to cough.
4. The health benefits of fennel are also seen as a mild appetite suppressant and effective form of remedy for respiratory congestion and cough.
5. When you have a tsp of fennel immediately after a meal, it cuts down or completely eliminates sweet cravings, boosts digestive juices for a healthy and quick breakdown of food, which in turn prevents fat formation. It can reduce flatulence and indigestion and it naturally freshens the mouth.

Keep air tight containers full of these precious seeds at your workplace, dining table, bedside tables, somewhere where you can see it and remember to have it post a meal/snack.

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