Sunday, 1 November 2015

What is intutive eating?

What is intuitive eating? Intuitive eating is listening to your body to choose your foods instead of relying on external regimes and rules. In today's diet obsessed society, most people have moved far from the concept of intuitive eating because they try to intellectualize their diets by attempting to adhere to rigid calorie limits or by deeming particular food groups off-limits. By creating such restraints, the general reaction is to rebel against them and you automatically begin to crave more calories and the very foods which you are ‘not supposed’ to be eating. Intuitive eating with a food journal can counter this unhealthy and derailing behavior because you allow yourself to eat ANYTHING. However, because you are keeping a food journal, you will be a lot more likely to listen to your hunger/energy needs when making your food choices because you will have to reveal everything you consume in the food journal.

For this to happen you will have to listen to your body. Pay attention and focus. When you feel full STOP EATING. Push your plate away. I know you may waste food by doing this, but in a few days you will automatically serve yourself less food and there will be no wastage.
Follow these two golden rules and you will never have to diet again. You can enjoy all of your favorite foods. Pizza and ice cream too. But eat slowly and stop when you’re full, even if you have half a slice of pizza left or half a scoop of ice-cream. Just stop.
Practice these two rules diligently and savor the results you reap.
The ‘food and exercise journal’ is designed to help you track important records as you adopt the EFS model.
Food and exercise journals are a powerful tool if you want to learn the art of intuitive eating.

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