Sunday, 1 November 2015

What are social exercises?

Play a Sport: Joining a team sport is a great way to meet people and bond with them. Team sports lead to great stories and social interaction. From bowling to basketball, a team sport will have you meet and working together with 10 or more other people. Team sports also will have you committing to a whole season of exercise and physical activity. Pick a sport that’s right for you and find yourself a team to play for.
Find a friend: Exercising with another person can help motivate you and make your workouts more interesting. Find someone who is dependable and you like to be with to go to the gym together, run on weekends with.
Exercise for Charity: You’ll meet hundreds of people, get some exercise and raise some money for a good cause. Once you get into the world of charity fundraisers, you’ll be amazed how many people you meet.
Join a Class: Group fitness classes are also a great way to meet people and add a social element to your workout. Find a class that you enjoy, and show up a little early. Ask questions of the people there and get advice on how to do some of the exercises. You’ll be looking forward to your exchanges with other classmates and with the instructor.

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