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Why do we have different food preferences?

Sharing some "Food Wisdom" as channeled, many years ago, by Sohrab Ardeshir, an actor and a channel of interdimensional intelligence.

Why do we have food preferences? Some people like sweetmeats; while others love ‘chatpata’ stuff! Some prefer savories while some like bland food! Most of us attribute these preferences to our cultivated childhood tastes. Some of us also understand that we crave for that stuff which our body lacks. But this ‘teaching’ by The Elements takes us beyond this old way of thinking.

The Elements (through Sohrab) tell us that our ‘true’ food preferences (inordinate cravings) do not originate just in this lifetime; they come from a collective set of lifetimes. They are influenced by the energy quotient that we have carried forward through many lifetimes.

For example if someone has spent many lifetimes experiencing a ‘lack of love’, that process will make this person develop a craving for sugar/sweets. This craving will manifest itself from a very early age. It would further be guided depending upon one’s ‘placement’ on Planet Earth. So if you have taken birth in India, you would most probably enjoy Indian sweetmeats; if you have incarnated in some western country, you might crave chocolates; and if you were born in a jungle, you might develop a craving for sugarcane.

But the sugar rush that you require is a definite and deliberate example of ‘energy requirement’ that you have carried forward over lifetimes, coupled with the choice you have made in your current lifetime to work it out. It means that you may have experienced this ‘lack of love’ over lifetimes but if you have not ‘chosen’ to work on this issue in this lifetime; you would not manifest a sugar craving.

A craving for ‘salt’ comes forward through lifetimes where you may have constantly avoided speaking your truth, or not been assertive enough, or shied away from declaring ‘who you are’, or not stood up for your personal principles. In other words, you failed to touch the vibrant aspects of yourself; or suppressed your true essence time and again.

If you crave ‘bitter and sour’ foods, this craving comes from the aspects of ‘Self’ that you have found ‘unpalatable’ in your past. In this lifetime you have chosen to not only confront and acknowledge these parts, but also to embrace them. People who crave bitter and sour foods have ‘judged’ themselves rather harshly in the past. Now they are ready to shift these patterns.

A craving for ‘spices’ generally has two possible reasons: one is a desire to bring up, for review and assimilation, one’s own aspects of anger, irritability, annoyance, dogmatism, or bigotry. The other reason is, wanting to raise one’s inner power, after having played the role of a ‘victim’ in many lifetimes.

An intense desire for an ‘excessive amount of water’ or liquid indicates your inability to nurture or nourish yourself in the past. If you have a ‘distaste’ for water, it is because of the same reason.

An inordinate craving for ‘dense’ animal products /junk foods indicates that you have a history of living under restrictions, and within boundaries/confines of your own making; which you now wish to shatter. You should do everything you can to push your boundaries and re-invent yourself in every possible way.

A desire for an excessive amount of ‘fruit’ comes from a lingering past, where you have rarely taken a human form. Now you are resisting the incarnation choice that you have made in this lifetime. You need to take stock of your life and begin living it fully!

An inordinate desire for ‘vegetables’, to the exclusion of all other foods, is similar to that of fruit. People with this tendency tend to disregard the vital aspects of third-dimensional life. They live in an ‘ideal’ paradise of their own making, which tends to be illusory. It is an attempt to run away from life. They need to learn grounding, and acceptance of their circumstances.

Those who insist on eating bland food exclusively have spent lifetimes running away from the color and vibrancy in their lives. They don’t deem themselves to be worthy of being heard, seen or acknowledged (major self-worth issue!). They don’t feel worthy of shining. They don’t feel worthy to even exist!

What happens when a person, owing to some medical problem, is forced to eat bland food against his will?

As you well know, we create everything; even if it appears to be ‘against our will’. If this ‘against will’ action happens over a brief period of time, or if it doesn’t really bother the person, then it has no significance. However, if it extends over a period of time and does begin to bother him, he must instantly examine where his life is colorless and lacking in vitality.

If a ‘spice craving’ person is suddenly ‘forced’ to eat bland foods over a long period of time, he must examine ‘both’ aspects in relation to himself.

What about people who are compulsive eaters?

Well, a compulsive eater is one who refuses to acknowledge or accept the concept of Universal bounty/Abundance. He cannot accept that abundance is the natural order of the Universe. He constantly feels un-nurtured, unloved, unacceptable, useless, and stupid and so on. It is a compound problem and a very, very serious one. His self-worth is so low that he often cannot even ask for help. He does not deem himself worthy of it. He generally has so many intertwined personal issues that they must be addressed slowly bit by bit. As he gains self-confidence and a small amount of self-worth, he can then step up the rate.

What happens when we suddenly develop a craving, later in life, that we never had before?

It means that we have suddenly come to an ‘energetic realization’ of the issue that we are now ready to tackle. This sudden craving offers us the required ‘jolt’ to do so.

‘Tea and coffee’ are mild stimulants. Those who crave these, desire to shake themselves up. They are trapped in segmented areas of their energies. For example, a person may be a wonderful, loving family person (very balanced in that area), but may be unable to function in a business environment (imbalanced in that area). This area then needs to be ‘awakened’, hence a craving for tea or coffee.

Those who crave ‘alcohol’ have the same issue, but to a greater degree. Addiction to ‘drugs’ or ‘nicotine’ indicates that the person comes from a long history of lack of self-worth.

These food cravings ‘assist’ us by showing mirror into those aspects that we need to look into! These cravings act like a physician or a counselor, who examines us and urges us to attend to a certain aspect of ‘self’.

What is the significance of ‘food allergies’ or ‘aversion’ to certain foods?

Allergies and aversion indicate our ‘extreme resistance’ to the aspects of ‘self’ that we wish to examine in the current lifetime, but are yet running from them.

Those who experience ‘anorexia’ and ‘bulimia’ come from a history of total lack of self-sustenance. They feel totally deprived, undeserving and worthless. In some extremely rare case, a person may be going through a very, very severe inner cleansing or shift of energies of his own choosing, but that is an exception.

Some people eat despite having ‘no appetite’ because they feel that they must eat. Such people are in a state of ‘deep depression’ and need to shake themselves up.

All these descriptions do not apply to ‘yogis’, those highly evolved beings, who are delib erately testing their bodies and their spirit for very personal reasons.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

How to implement the Power of Thought using water?

The power of thought influence on water molecular structure is famously discovered and popularize by Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto Masaru known as “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Do check this video documentary to understand a bit about it...

A group scientists were wondering how the concept of thinking or believing changing people’s life and they try to evaluate it from Quantum Physics perspective with their lab experiment based on Dr. Emoto’s finding. They studied the molecular structure of normal water in frozen form and recorded the usual structure. Then they ask a Buddhist monk to give love and blessings to the water, after that they freeze the water to solid state and then studied the structure of the water molecule, to their surprise the structure has changed beautifully and looks like a flower. Next, they asked the monk to give Love + Gratitude to the water and the molecular structure became an even much more beautiful flower.

After this, they ask him to become anger to the same water and then they studied the molecular structure the  flower-like structure were broken, even became worse than of its normal form.

All of it was happening without any external force or any physical contact. It was the power of thought that was transforming the molecular structure of the water.

This experiment was organized by Dr. Emoto in various forms and with different emotion pattern. Experiments conducted with both positive and negative thoughts and emotions. Some of the molecular structure captured with positive thoughts like prayer, thank you and appreciations and negative thoughts like anger, criticism and hate are shown here.

It’s evident that every time positive thoughts and emotions like love, gratitude and happiness expressed the molecular structure become beautiful like flowers and when negative emotions like anger, frustration and jealousy expressed the structure become uglier than its normal form.

Ready to implement the power of thoughts?

If the single thought can change the molecular structures of water then think of only one thing, your body is approx. 60% water and your brain is having 75% water (even by the molecular count brain is 99% water), so imagine with every thought of yours how that water is changing. If we can give all our love & gratitude to every drop of water in our body and in turn if all body molecules become that beautiful flower, imagine what we can achieve and who we became.


Method - 1
As it is rightly said Knowledge isn't power; implementation of knowledge is true power. We can try this little experiment.
Rub your hands (palms) till there is enough heat generated, keep a bottle, tumbler of water ready, once enough heat is generated, circle the bottle with your palms, dont touch it. In your thoughts give energy - whatever energy you want to... for example give healing/good health energy and drink it. Name / label the bottle with HEALTH / VITALITY - the name of energy you are giving.

Try having this HEALTH infused DETOX water for a few days and see the changes in your body!!!

You can put in energy of love instead to see hove the emotions of love fill up your life as you keep drinking the love infused water.

Method - 2

You can harness this power of thought to seek inner guidance, manifesting intention as well.


•  Before going to sleep,fill a glass of water and be ready with the intention.
For example - If you want to seek guidance regarding your career
Holding a glass of water in hand, give Blessings to the water
"just say I need a solution for this please guide me when I wake up in the morning."
Then drink half of the water & put other half aside, cover it & go to sleep.
•  When you wake up in the morning , drink the remaining half glass of water & while drinking remind yourself of the question request you had made before sleeping.Ask yourself " What did I request last night?"
• Once you remember the question, just sit in silence & you will receive the message to solve the problem.
Note them down & work upon them.
Use this technique whenever you find yourself stuck.

There is nothing more powerful than our thoughts and our every thought has its first effect on the water we have in our body. So every time your bear a thought imagine what you are doing to your body and to your own life.

How to do brain gym exercises?

Brain Gym uses simple motor movements to enhance whole brain learning abilities.Brain Gym can do everything from speeding up your reading to boosting self-esteem.  It can improve your eyesight and even increase your creativity.   It gives you a cutting edge both in the office and in your personal life, improving communication skills, helping you make better decisions and even giving you a boost when you’re facing rejection or disappointment.

This is done in 4 basic steps

1. Hydrate yourself
The very first activity is drinking water, a "positive", drinking water is part of their 'positive category'

2. Wake up the brain with the Brain buttons
Rest one hand over your navel.
With the thumb and fingers of the other hand, feel for the two hollow areas under the collarbone, about one inch out from the centre of the chest.  Rub these areas vigorously for 30 seconds to one minutes, as you look from left to right.

This stimulates the carotid arteries which supply freshly oxygenated blood to the brain.  They help re-establish directional messages from parts of the body to the brain, improving reading, writing, speaking and the ability to follow directions.

3. Cross Crawl - the brain gym motor movements
It is basically connecting any part of your right arm with any part of your left leg and visa versa. There are many ways to do this, tai chi style where it's all 'flowy-like' or you can just go through it, there is even a version where you can behind you like this. You really want to cross over the midline. This is important because it stimulates your spine by engaging the cross crawl reflex. If you stimulate your spine you will stimulate your brain.

Do check this video to perfect this practice...

4. Whole brain posture or Crook's Hook Up
This is an interesting thing which you can do to reduce anxiety while seated or standing. This involves crossing over your hands and feet. o know how exactly to do it see this video...

This shouldn't take you more than 1 minute to 2 minutes. It's a great way to help you transition mentally between projects, activities, and your day-to-day life.Apart from these - taking a shower, drinking a fresh fruit juice, taking a walk out on green grass, sniffing lavender or vanilla or staring at something yellow are all instant stress busting ideas.

There is a logic behind why these activities are so useful. See the video when you have time to understand its logic...

This video by my Bruce Lipton gives a complete understanding of the benefits of the brain gym exercises.

How to do super brain yoga?

How to do super brain yoga?

Stand tall and straight, with your arms on the side.

Lift your left arm and hold your right earlobe with your thumb and index finger. Your thumb should be in front.

Lift your right arm and hold your left earlobe. Your right arm should be over your left arm.

Inhale deeply and squat down slowly to a sitting position.

Stay in this position for 2-3 seconds.

Gently exhale as you rise up again. This completes one cycle.

You may repeat this cycle about 15 times every day.

Benefits of super brain yoga

Super brain yoga activates acupuncture points on the earlobe that helps stimulate your gray matter. This exercise helps your brain by:

Synchronizing left and right side of the brain

Distributing energy levels and increasing sense of calmness

Stimulating thinking capacity

Increasing mental energy

Making you more creative

Developing cognitive powers

Improving focus, concentration and memory power

Boosting decision-making skills

Relieving stress or behavioral problems

Making you more psychologically balanced

Check this video...

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting simply means fasting for 15-16 hours post your dinner before breaking the fast with breakfast. You can make this more effective for weight loss by keeping a gap of minimum 4 hours between each meal and ensuring that you start each meal with protein rich foods.

Here's why this works well with weight loss as well as managing your sugar levels...
Science is taking a closer look at how frequently you should eat if you want to lose weight and burn fat. According to a 2010 study published by School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, eating smaller, more frequent meals isn’t correlated with a higher amount of weight loss.

One reason for this may be the case has to do with the way your body burns energy. When you constantly snack between meals, your body stays busy burning the energy you’re consuming. But when you give yourself space between meals, you create a fat burning window.
When you eat, your body converts food into glucose. The more sugary the food, the faster and higher your glucose level rises. Your pancreas senses the sudden spike in glucose and responds by pumping insulin into the bloodstream, creating an insulin spike to correspond to the fast-rising glucose. Once insulin arrives, the glucose level in your bloodstream goes back down quickly. It takes much longer for insulin to leave your body. If you snack often, insulin never has a chance to leave. As long as there is insulin still in your bloodstream, you cannot burn fat or enter what we call the Fat-Burning Zone.

By spacing out your meals with a minimum 4 hours gap, you give insulin time to leave your body. When your body needs more energy and you don’t have any food handy, it turns to your fat cells and the free fatty acids stored inside them. Therefore you start using your stored fat as energy, reducing fat and inches.

If you start to feel hungry and it’s not time to eat yet, that’s GOOD NEWS! It means your body is burning stored fat. If you feel hungry, wait it out. Drink a large glass of water and dis- tract yourself with something non-food related. Before you know it, it will be time to eat, and you’ll have burned fat while you waited.

Emerging research is finding that the order in which you eat your food can have a signicant impact on how much insulin is released into your bloodstream.  Your body uses less insulin when you eat protein as the first part of your meal. Choose to eat protein first, then complex carbohydrates, and finally any simple carbs you choose to eat. Eating in this order will help you get back into your Fat-Burning Zone much more quickly.

Simply follow this Intermittent fasting with a 4-4-16 hours gap to lose weight the right way!

Monday, 4 September 2017

How does stress affect weight?

When your body is under a lot of stress, you experience the emotions typically associated with stress: anger, fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, hostility, etc. Each of these emotions produces chemical reactions in your body that usually have adverse effects on your weight.

Here is how stress affect weight?

• Stress is considered as physical threat to the body and it reacts to it by flight or fight response by sending blood to the limbs and limiting it to the visceral organs. Thus life sustaining activities like  digestion, strengthening of immune system and other growth processes take aback seat. Continued stress make the body store energy in fat cells to prepare itself for emergency tasks.
• Anger, fear, and anxiety typically cause a complete shut-down of your digestive system. That means weight gain happens as the elimination of toxins STOPS!
• Worry, hostility, and anger cause your stomach to excrete extra acids. The end results in more toxins and half-digested foods to deal with. Definitely not good! The more toxins you create and/or keep in your system, the more your body will try to park them in fat cells, leach minerals from your organs, etc., etc. So, what’s the remedy?

To get you started, here are a few quick tips to deal with stress. I use these every single day, and trust me, they work… even if they sound too simplistic (that’s the point… they are easy to do):

• Ask yourself “what difference will this make in 10 years?” If the answer is “not much”, then take it easy… and deal with the problem with a cool head.
• Ask yourself “how can I use this?” I know the first answer you give is “What the heck are you talking about? There is no way to use this situation to my advantage?” But keep asking this question, and your brain will come up with an answer. Trust me, this one will shock you!
• Ask yourself “what do I want out of this situation/event/issue?” Again, you’ll come up with a completely negative answer at first, but keep asking the question until you get a positive answer. This will change your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want… and that will help you handle the stress much better.

I promise you, with a little practice, these three questions by themselves will help you keep a cool head, and manage stress better than you ever thought you could. You probably will have even better results than you thought possible in those situations! ;)

Any self care tips?

The Most Tantalizing Self Care Tips Ever

Passionate Self Care

One of the surest methods to stay on a focused, purposeful course in your business, relationships ... in all of your life, is to take extra special care of yourself. Oftentimes what happens is exactly the opposite: everyone and everything else in our lives takes precedence over our personal needs.
What happens then? Everything crumbles. Nothing works. The entire system shuts down.
What is your idea of self care?

I bet you are thinking it is something like spending a glorious time at a particular luxurious spa hotel. Sinking into a hot steaming bath filled with roses and smelling of vanilla; candles and soft music playing. You pick up a romance novel that you bought in the gift shop. Oh you lost track of time, you need to quickly dry off so you can get to your hot rock massage. While you are in the spa you decide what the heck you might as well get a mani and pedi as well.

And then reality sets in as your boss or your assistant drops a stack of paperwork on your desk...
While it is very nice to steal away a spa weekend every once and a while, it is not always practical. So how can you create that same feeling of re-energizing and relaxation at home with just 15 minutes?

Let's take a look at some tantalizing tips that you can do anytime:
Self-Care Tips for the Body
Create a wonderful nourishing morning ritual that allows you to rise gracefully into your day.

1. Listen to your body: your body is always sending messages to you, most often it is specifically asking you to take care of yourself. Sometimes this means more pampering and self care, sometimes it means more grounding and meditation.
Energize your body: many people find music very energizing. Now take it a little further and dance like no one is watching. To keep your body happy and healthy, get your heart pumping each day at least for 15 minutes.

2. Self-Care Tips for the Mind
Create a sacred space for yourself in your home; this can be as simple as a chair in the corner of a room or as big as your own room. Take time for yourself; spend time in solitude and make time for yourself to do something alone with a walk in the woods.

3. Find inner stillness. Take 10-15 minutes a day to be still...meditate, journal your thoughts, stay in the present, or just focus on the positive.
Set boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries will allow you to find what works for you specifically and allows you to say "yes" or "no" when needed the most.

4. Self-Care Tips for the Soul
Connect with your soul-nourishing friends: make sure that your circle of friends leaves you feeling uplifted and wonderfully happy. Then make sure to pencil this time into your schedule each week. Nothing feels better than time with good friends.
Connect with your higher power and center within your spiritual self, maintaining your connection with your spiritual self and your higher power feeds your personal power. Strong personal power amplifies all the other areas of your life.
Connect with your heart, practicing compassion, forgiveness and random acts of giving & kindness allows you to enter a whole new level of self love.

5. Body, Mind and Soul Alignment
Small annoyances of daily life just don't bother you any more and they can't steal your peace while you are focused on self care. Tranquility and solitude refreshes your soul like the streams of a fountain washing away all anxiety and fear. You can be bold and confident in your future choices when you quiet all the other voices around you and listen to the ONLY inner voice inside of you. Your inner peace is reflected outwardly through all your actions. When you are at peace within your soul, you are able to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

Creating alignment with your Body, Mind and Soul is about taking time to give yourself the room to breathe in the peace and find your balance. When was the last time that you made time for yourself? Even just 15 minutes of "alone" time? Make a plan today, schedule in your calendar 15 minutes every day. Then try several different items from the list above to see how they feel. Did they make you feel more peaceful and relaxed? Great, try another couple items. You will soon have a list of some of your favorite self care items.

Most importantly enjoy the process, take as long as you like to learn these new tantalizing tips

Monday, 3 April 2017

What is Detox water?

Today  I share some wonderful ideas to make Detox water.. They make up for a very good option for summers especially.

Why are detox drinks important... 
With summers we tend to feel more thirsty. We know sugary drinks aren’t good for us because they are high in calories, and they don’t really hydrate us all that well. Caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee can actually leave us more dehydrated. So we end up with coconut water, sugarcane juice & lemon water. But the Detox drinks just add extra flavor too the healthy options of water

How to make Detox water... 
You can infuse water with any number of herbs, spices, edible flowers, fruit and even vegetables! Here are some ideas:

  • Herbs: Rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, cilantro, parsley 
  • Spices: Cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, fresh ginger, cloves, vanilla bean 
  • Edible flowers: Rose, lavender, citrus blossoms, hibiscus, pansies, violets (or any that are 100% pesticide free) 
  • Fruit: Berries (fresh or frozen), melon, tropical fruits, citrus, apples, pears 
  • Vegetables: Cucumber, celery, fennel, carrots 
  • Water: Filtered water is great, but if you don’t have a filtration system, tap water is fine too. 
Let the water sit for a few hours to allow the flavors to infuse. The longer it sits, the more flavorful the water will be. Some fruits or herbs will infuse more quickly than others. Citrus is pretty instant. Herbs take a little longer. Berries take a few hours and will also release color into the water. I put the infused water in the fridge immediately after I make it, but it doesn’t hurt to let it sit at room temperature for a little while. However, you should keep it in the fridge or put ice in it if you aren’t planning on using it right away.

So start making your own detox water TODAY!

Check this video for further details..

You can also check this video in English 

Monday, 13 March 2017

How do we use the Healing Power of Colours?

From the beginning of the day with Gold yellow colour of sun rays to the silver white of moon. All colours have impact on us. Human body is composed of many colours and lack of any of these colours leads to different disorders. Chromotherapy is a method of treatment of diseases by colour. This helps us make use of colours to heal our body and maintain good health.

The action and effect of various colours on the body and their healing qualities are as follows :

Violet :

Violet is beneficial in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis, acute cases of consumption and insomnia.

Purple :

Purple or indigo combines the blood-warming red and the cooling antiseptic blue. It is an excellent stimulant without being an irritant. It is beneficial in the treatment of advanced stages of constipation, hydrocle , leucorrhoea, many disorders of the stomach and womb , cataract , migraine and skin disorders. It exerts a soothing effect on the eyes, ears and the nervous system. It helps in curing allergies too.

Blue :

Cool, soothing and sedative, blue alleviates pain, reducing bleeding and heals burns. It is beneficial in the treatment of dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations. IN a study at the New England State Hospital in the United States, 25 members of staff with normal blood pressure were bathed in blue light for half an hour. It resulted in universal fall in blood pressure. The blood pressure rose when red light was applied. Blue helps in headaches, overcoming old beliefs, anger & forgiveness issues. It helps in weight loss too!

Green :

Made up of the blue and yellow, green is regarded as a colour of harmony. It is a mild sedative. It is useful in the treatment of nervous conditions, hay fever, ulcers, influenza, malaria , colds, sexual disorders and cancer. It preserves and strengthens eyesight. Being highly medicinal and depressive, it is of great help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Yellow :

Associated with joy and happiness, yellow is laxative and diuretic. It is a stimulant to the brain, the liver and the spleen. It is also effective in the treatment of diabetes, indigestion, kidney and liver disorders, constipation, eye and throat infections, syphillis and impotence. It helps increase appetite when used with red. 

Orange :
Symbolic of prosperity and pride, orange is useful for stimulating blood supply and energising the nerves. It is beneficial in the treatment of kidney and gall stones, hernia and appendicitis. It is also used to stimulate the milk producing action of breasts after childbirth.

Red :
Symbolic of heat, fire and anger. It is a stimulating and energising colour. It stimulates arterial blood and brings warmth to cool extremities. Used as a general tonic, it is very valuable in the treatment of diseases like low blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, anaemia and advanced cases of tuberculosis.

Methods of Treatment

These are methods of treating diseases by colour :

  1. By the application of light through different coloured glasses
  2. By external or internal use of colour-charged water.
  3. By external use of colour-charged oils
  4. By using colour tratak / candles / colour breathing technique 
  5. By using coloured diet

Here is a short explanation of the 3 main methods...


The rays of the sun contain seven different colours -violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These are natural colours which are highly beneficial to the maintenance of health and for healing diseases. Sunlight plays an important role in the recovery from chronic diseases. Judicious use of sunlight can be part of the curing process in almost every affliction. The rays of the sun improve digestion and nutrition, quicken blood and lymph circulation and increase the elimination of impurities through the skin.

In the first method , sheets of glass, 30 cms. X 36 cms. of the required colours are needed. These are placed at the window frames or any other convenient place in such a way that the sun’s rays can pass through them and fall directly on the patient’s body. The usual duration of the colour treatment is 30 minutes. In case of local application, a pane of glass can be placed in front of the diseased part so that the light passing through the glass falls on the afflicted area. At night lanterns can be used for the purpose. A single lantern can have glass panes of four different colours and the required colour can be focused on the patient or the affected parts.


In the second method, coloured bottles are needed. These bottles should be cleaned and filled up to three-fourths level with fresh well water, distilled water or rain water. The bottles should be corked and then placed in bright sunlight for three to four hours. After this exposure, the water is said to acquire medicinal properties and this colour-charged water can be used both internally and for external applications. Wounds and ulcers can be washed with this water and it can also be used to massage the affected parts or applied as compress on them. For internal use, an adult can take 30 ml. of colour-charged water as a single dose. The dose can be repeated as required.


You can get what your body needs just by eating a colourful variety of fruits and vegetables too!

Nature has found a clever way to highlight the nutrients in foods: different nutrients actually impart different colours to the foods they’re in. For instance, the anthocyanins that turn blueberries blue can also keep your mind sharp, the lycopene that turns watermelon and tomatoes red may also help protect against prostate and breast cancers, and the beta carotene that makes carrots and sweet potatoes orange can help keep your bones strong, your eyes healthy and boost your immune system. 

A correct and balanced diet is essential during the treatment of diseases through chromotherapy. The patients should take food items with analogous colouring. The various colours contained in different food items are :

Violet : Egg plant, berries, black carrot and purple grapes.

Purple : Foods having both blue and violet colouring.
Blue : Blue plum, blue beans, blue grapes, etc.
Green : Most of the green vegetables and fruits such as gourds, spinach, plantain, lettuce, pea, green mango, gooseberry, pears, beans , etc.
Yellow : Lime and lemon, sweet lime, grapes, pumpkin, melon, banana, mango, yellow apple and guava.
Orange : Orange-skinned vegetables and fruits such as carrot, orange, apricot, mango, peach and pappaya.
Red : Beets, radish, red cabbage, tomatoes, watercress, most red-skinned fruits,red berries and water melon.


There are some important contraindications to colour treatment which should be borne in mind while adopting this mode of cure.

For instance, the red colour would be injurious in a naturally inflammatory condition of the system, and in case of persons with feverish and excitable temperament. If the red light is employed for too long and frequently, it may produce dangerous fevers. The danger can be obviated by using the red light for a few minutes at a time or by placing a wet bandage over the head.

Similarly, yellow should not be used when the nerves are very active or irritable. Yellow or orange reddish tones may prove injurious in fevers, acute inflammations, delirium, diarrhoea, neuralgia, palpitation of the heart and any condition of over- excitement.

In cases of paralysis, chronic rheumatism, gout, consumption and in all cold, pale and dormant conditions of the system, blue, indigo and violet may prove too cooling and constricting and should be avoided.

Friday, 10 February 2017

How to take up sugar challenge?


We all want to look and feel great each day, isn't?
Avoiding sugar is just the right answer for this question as it makes the body healthy and brain smarter.

Here's the LEFT & RIGHT for this challenge....

❌ Refined white sugar
❌ Brown sugar
❌ Sugar free / Aspartame
❌ Colas / Fruit juices
❌ Fast foods / Packaged foods

✔ Dark organic jaggery
✔ Organic Honey
✔ Organic Maple syrup
✔ Stevia leaves
✔ Fruits / dried fruits

This challenge is for your weekend but you can extend it for a week too. The choice is yours!

So how long do you choose to follow this left right left and march ahead towards good health?