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How to implement the Power of Thought using water?

The power of thought influence on water molecular structure is famously discovered and popularize by Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto Masaru known as “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Do check this video documentary to understand a bit about it...

A group scientists were wondering how the concept of thinking or believing changing people’s life and they try to evaluate it from Quantum Physics perspective with their lab experiment based on Dr. Emoto’s finding. They studied the molecular structure of normal water in frozen form and recorded the usual structure. Then they ask a Buddhist monk to give love and blessings to the water, after that they freeze the water to solid state and then studied the structure of the water molecule, to their surprise the structure has changed beautifully and looks like a flower. Next, they asked the monk to give Love + Gratitude to the water and the molecular structure became an even much more beautiful flower.

After this, they ask him to become anger to the same water and then they studied the molecular structure the  flower-like structure were broken, even became worse than of its normal form.

All of it was happening without any external force or any physical contact. It was the power of thought that was transforming the molecular structure of the water.

This experiment was organized by Dr. Emoto in various forms and with different emotion pattern. Experiments conducted with both positive and negative thoughts and emotions. Some of the molecular structure captured with positive thoughts like prayer, thank you and appreciations and negative thoughts like anger, criticism and hate are shown here.

It’s evident that every time positive thoughts and emotions like love, gratitude and happiness expressed the molecular structure become beautiful like flowers and when negative emotions like anger, frustration and jealousy expressed the structure become uglier than its normal form.

Ready to implement the power of thoughts?

If the single thought can change the molecular structures of water then think of only one thing, your body is approx. 60% water and your brain is having 75% water (even by the molecular count brain is 99% water), so imagine with every thought of yours how that water is changing. If we can give all our love & gratitude to every drop of water in our body and in turn if all body molecules become that beautiful flower, imagine what we can achieve and who we became.


Method - 1
As it is rightly said Knowledge isn't power; implementation of knowledge is true power. We can try this little experiment.
Rub your hands (palms) till there is enough heat generated, keep a bottle, tumbler of water ready, once enough heat is generated, circle the bottle with your palms, dont touch it. In your thoughts give energy - whatever energy you want to... for example give healing/good health energy and drink it. Name / label the bottle with HEALTH / VITALITY - the name of energy you are giving.

Try having this HEALTH infused DETOX water for a few days and see the changes in your body!!!

You can put in energy of love instead to see hove the emotions of love fill up your life as you keep drinking the love infused water.

Method - 2

You can harness this power of thought to seek inner guidance, manifesting intention as well.


•  Before going to sleep,fill a glass of water and be ready with the intention.
For example - If you want to seek guidance regarding your career
Holding a glass of water in hand, give Blessings to the water
"just say I need a solution for this please guide me when I wake up in the morning."
Then drink half of the water & put other half aside, cover it & go to sleep.
•  When you wake up in the morning , drink the remaining half glass of water & while drinking remind yourself of the question request you had made before sleeping.Ask yourself " What did I request last night?"
• Once you remember the question, just sit in silence & you will receive the message to solve the problem.
Note them down & work upon them.
Use this technique whenever you find yourself stuck.

There is nothing more powerful than our thoughts and our every thought has its first effect on the water we have in our body. So every time your bear a thought imagine what you are doing to your body and to your own life.

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