Sunday, 1 November 2015

Which are the most important organs in our body?


Each of our organs has different functions to perform, to keep us alive and healthy. I find it important to discuss a few of these, so you understand how they contribute to weight loss and fitness levels.
The Liver:
I will keep this as simple as possible. Without the liver, we cannot live. The liver plays a major role in metabolism, detoxification of the body, that is the removal of toxins caused by some of the foods we eat (junk food), the polluted air we breathe, medicines, recreational drugs, hard drugs, alcohol and smoking. The liver is required to produce bile that is needed for efficient digestion, it stores energy and it helps in the metabolization or break down of FAT.
Besides all the other functions of the liver, the two main functions are the filtering of toxins and the break down of fat. Now when the human body has high levels of toxins (in my client’s case, these high levels were caused by his smoking), the liver works in overdrive to clean out these toxins, which otherwise, would lead to destruction of other organs and cells, and eventually death. So it stops doing its other job of breaking down fat.
That’s why it’s good to detoxify your body regularly. Help your liver by eating the right foods; producing fewer toxins so that your liver can also do its other functions. A healthy liver will result in a healthy weight. It’s always a great idea to do a liver function test at least twice a year, considering changing lifestyles and pollution.
The Heart:
Without this organ, there would be no life. The heart is actually a muscle. Think of it as a pump. It pumps blood through our body and it receives the impure blood as well. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of our body. If the heart cannot pump effectively, some cells receive less oxygen and nutrients, leading to the destruction of these cells, the onset of diseases, strokes and paralytic attacks. That’s why we need to make sure we keep our heart strong. We need to keep the veins and arteries clean so that blood can easily pass through them. If they get clogged, the heart has to work harder to pump blood through them. This weakens the heart and can even cause damage to the arteries and veins. That’s why we have to be conscious of the foods that cause heart problems and we need to exercise to make this important muscle stronger.
The Kidneys:
These paired structures are an essential part of the urinary system. They regulate the electrolytes in our system, maintain the acid base balance and regulate blood pressure. The kidneys serve as a natural filter of blood.
Eating the right foods along with regular exercise maintains the health of our kidneys. A food plan rich in green leafy vegetables and low in salt will ensure efficient functioning. Drinking water in the right quantities is really important as this helps the kidneys function and flush out excess toxins.
It is important to know the functions of these vital organs so you know how beneficial good food is to the human body. 

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