Sunday, 1 November 2015

What are protiens?

Protiens builds up, maintains and replaces the tissues in our body. They are the building blocks of life. Your muscles, organs, immune system, hair, skin, nails need protein to grow and stay healthy.
But protein cannot survive alone. It cannot perform its function alone. It needs energy to do its work, and where will it get this energy? Carbohydrates.

Let’s look at the functions of protein.
a) Maintenance and healthy growth of the body.
b) Building and repairing tissues.
c) Formation of hormones and regulation of body processes.
d) Helps the body fight infections.
e) Source of energy when your body is low on carbohydrates.
Common foods rich in protein are eggs, milk, soymilk, tofu, cheese, whey, nuts, chicken and lean meat, fish, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables and seeds.
The non-vegetarian diet is higher in protein than the vegetarian diet, but with the right quantities, choices and combinations of vegetarian options, meeting the daily- required amount of protein for the body of a vegetarian is easy.
It’s funny how people today keep changing their moisturizers, shampoos and creams and yet struggle to achieve strong hair, supple and glowing skin.
Let’s take the example of a plant. No matter how many chemicals you spray it with, the leaves may look green and clean, but the health of the plant is poor. Nutrition for the plant happens at and through the roots.
The external look of a plant is dependent on the nutrition its roots can sap up from the soil. You put the right manure, that’s food for the plant; if you have a strong and healthy looking plant. Now this may take time. Growing is a steady and slow, but a sure process.
The health of your skin and hair depends on the food you feed your body. That’s the truth and there’s no debating that fact.
Look around at the array of different creams and shampoos available in the market. One would think that with all that there is to choose from, and pretty affordable too, there wouldn’t be so many people struggling to fix their hair and skin.
I’m not saying stop using shampoos and creams. Use them. I use them too, but don’t begin to believe that they are the solutions for better looking skin or stronger hair. The long lasting and sure solution is in the food that you eat.
Your hair and skin are protein, the “Building blocks of life” as some medical journals define them. So if you have falling or weak hair, reflect on your food habits. Of course the reason for that doesn’t have to mean that you are low on protein. There are so many other factors that can cause weak hair and poor quality skin – pollution, smoking, excessive alcohol, lack of exercise, but we are keeping it simple now, and we are going to the roots. Start looking at the amount of protein rich foods you have in your diet.

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