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Why do we have different food preferences?

Sharing some "Food Wisdom" as channeled, many years ago, by Sohrab Ardeshir, an actor and a channel of interdimensional intelligence.

Why do we have food preferences? Some people like sweetmeats; while others love ‘chatpata’ stuff! Some prefer savories while some like bland food! Most of us attribute these preferences to our cultivated childhood tastes. Some of us also understand that we crave for that stuff which our body lacks. But this ‘teaching’ by The Elements takes us beyond this old way of thinking.

The Elements (through Sohrab) tell us that our ‘true’ food preferences (inordinate cravings) do not originate just in this lifetime; they come from a collective set of lifetimes. They are influenced by the energy quotient that we have carried forward through many lifetimes.

For example if someone has spent many lifetimes experiencing a ‘lack of love’, that process will make this person develop a craving for sugar/sweets. This craving will manifest itself from a very early age. It would further be guided depending upon one’s ‘placement’ on Planet Earth. So if you have taken birth in India, you would most probably enjoy Indian sweetmeats; if you have incarnated in some western country, you might crave chocolates; and if you were born in a jungle, you might develop a craving for sugarcane.

But the sugar rush that you require is a definite and deliberate example of ‘energy requirement’ that you have carried forward over lifetimes, coupled with the choice you have made in your current lifetime to work it out. It means that you may have experienced this ‘lack of love’ over lifetimes but if you have not ‘chosen’ to work on this issue in this lifetime; you would not manifest a sugar craving.

A craving for ‘salt’ comes forward through lifetimes where you may have constantly avoided speaking your truth, or not been assertive enough, or shied away from declaring ‘who you are’, or not stood up for your personal principles. In other words, you failed to touch the vibrant aspects of yourself; or suppressed your true essence time and again.

If you crave ‘bitter and sour’ foods, this craving comes from the aspects of ‘Self’ that you have found ‘unpalatable’ in your past. In this lifetime you have chosen to not only confront and acknowledge these parts, but also to embrace them. People who crave bitter and sour foods have ‘judged’ themselves rather harshly in the past. Now they are ready to shift these patterns.

A craving for ‘spices’ generally has two possible reasons: one is a desire to bring up, for review and assimilation, one’s own aspects of anger, irritability, annoyance, dogmatism, or bigotry. The other reason is, wanting to raise one’s inner power, after having played the role of a ‘victim’ in many lifetimes.

An intense desire for an ‘excessive amount of water’ or liquid indicates your inability to nurture or nourish yourself in the past. If you have a ‘distaste’ for water, it is because of the same reason.

An inordinate craving for ‘dense’ animal products /junk foods indicates that you have a history of living under restrictions, and within boundaries/confines of your own making; which you now wish to shatter. You should do everything you can to push your boundaries and re-invent yourself in every possible way.

A desire for an excessive amount of ‘fruit’ comes from a lingering past, where you have rarely taken a human form. Now you are resisting the incarnation choice that you have made in this lifetime. You need to take stock of your life and begin living it fully!

An inordinate desire for ‘vegetables’, to the exclusion of all other foods, is similar to that of fruit. People with this tendency tend to disregard the vital aspects of third-dimensional life. They live in an ‘ideal’ paradise of their own making, which tends to be illusory. It is an attempt to run away from life. They need to learn grounding, and acceptance of their circumstances.

Those who insist on eating bland food exclusively have spent lifetimes running away from the color and vibrancy in their lives. They don’t deem themselves to be worthy of being heard, seen or acknowledged (major self-worth issue!). They don’t feel worthy of shining. They don’t feel worthy to even exist!

What happens when a person, owing to some medical problem, is forced to eat bland food against his will?

As you well know, we create everything; even if it appears to be ‘against our will’. If this ‘against will’ action happens over a brief period of time, or if it doesn’t really bother the person, then it has no significance. However, if it extends over a period of time and does begin to bother him, he must instantly examine where his life is colorless and lacking in vitality.

If a ‘spice craving’ person is suddenly ‘forced’ to eat bland foods over a long period of time, he must examine ‘both’ aspects in relation to himself.

What about people who are compulsive eaters?

Well, a compulsive eater is one who refuses to acknowledge or accept the concept of Universal bounty/Abundance. He cannot accept that abundance is the natural order of the Universe. He constantly feels un-nurtured, unloved, unacceptable, useless, and stupid and so on. It is a compound problem and a very, very serious one. His self-worth is so low that he often cannot even ask for help. He does not deem himself worthy of it. He generally has so many intertwined personal issues that they must be addressed slowly bit by bit. As he gains self-confidence and a small amount of self-worth, he can then step up the rate.

What happens when we suddenly develop a craving, later in life, that we never had before?

It means that we have suddenly come to an ‘energetic realization’ of the issue that we are now ready to tackle. This sudden craving offers us the required ‘jolt’ to do so.

‘Tea and coffee’ are mild stimulants. Those who crave these, desire to shake themselves up. They are trapped in segmented areas of their energies. For example, a person may be a wonderful, loving family person (very balanced in that area), but may be unable to function in a business environment (imbalanced in that area). This area then needs to be ‘awakened’, hence a craving for tea or coffee.

Those who crave ‘alcohol’ have the same issue, but to a greater degree. Addiction to ‘drugs’ or ‘nicotine’ indicates that the person comes from a long history of lack of self-worth.

These food cravings ‘assist’ us by showing mirror into those aspects that we need to look into! These cravings act like a physician or a counselor, who examines us and urges us to attend to a certain aspect of ‘self’.

What is the significance of ‘food allergies’ or ‘aversion’ to certain foods?

Allergies and aversion indicate our ‘extreme resistance’ to the aspects of ‘self’ that we wish to examine in the current lifetime, but are yet running from them.

Those who experience ‘anorexia’ and ‘bulimia’ come from a history of total lack of self-sustenance. They feel totally deprived, undeserving and worthless. In some extremely rare case, a person may be going through a very, very severe inner cleansing or shift of energies of his own choosing, but that is an exception.

Some people eat despite having ‘no appetite’ because they feel that they must eat. Such people are in a state of ‘deep depression’ and need to shake themselves up.

All these descriptions do not apply to ‘yogis’, those highly evolved beings, who are delib erately testing their bodies and their spirit for very personal reasons.

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