Monday, 7 December 2015

Why is sitting bad for health?

Sitting a lot is bad news. Why and what can you do?

Everyone knows you’ve got to “use it or lose it,” but what does that mean for our biology? Chair -bound people experience aches, pains and stiffness as their muscles start to howl for the physical and neurological stimulation they need to survive and thrive. Prolonged sitting causes a lot of stress on neck and back, improper digestion and a lot more...

Take microbreaks and spend five minutes of mobilizing per hour. Wrenching the neck or rolling the head in a circle, swinging the arms, opening the chest in the morning, swinging the hips, a quick toe Touch - these are all common, natural “mobilizations.”

Convert these instincts into an exercise by making them more deliberate, positive, and thorough repeatedly!!! “Motion is lotion,” as the old rhyme goes  is the best antidote to the worst consequences of excessive sitting.

Take care 😊

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