Monday, 14 March 2016

How to lose weight the healthy way?

Healthy Hacks For Fast Weight Loss That No One Will Tell You About

Losing weight is not hard. Make these easy tweaks to your everyday diet and you’ll notice the differences immediately. Eating healthy is not depriving yourself. It just comes to making the right choices in your way to a healthier diet. The first step is always the hardest, so try just incorporating one of these tips each week and it won’t be long until you start craving healthy food. Don’t forget, if you put the right ‘fuel’ into your body, you will get a better pump out of it!

1.  Drink Water  -

Hunger can be a sign that your body is dehydrated. Try having a full glass of water first, then have your snack after 5 minutes. By the time you finish your drink, you'll be half full.  It’s important to always stay hydrated. In the mornings, as soon as you wake up, have a glass of water to replenish your fluids and continue sipping on water throughout the day.
Men is roughly about consume 3.5 liters of water a day; for women it is 3 liters of water a day. Add a natural flavour by adding fresh mint leaves or cucumber slices or squeezing a lemon.

2. Salad Dressing -

The next time you prepare a  salad, combine a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts of Olive oil.

3. Use Curds or Yoghurt -

Try adding natural yoghurt or Curds for any recipes that call for cream. Just be sure to take them off the stove when you stir in the yogurt and be careful of it curdling if it gets heated up too much.

4. Eat Breakfast like a King -

Heard of the phrase, ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper? Not literally a stomach filling though.
Eating the largest meal  means your body is able to get the day's fuel. In the evening, your body is preparing to retire. Additionally, your body also doesn’t have as much time to digest a large dinner by the time you go to bed.
Beware of eating more fruits. More sugar intake pronounces more insulin release which absorbs the glucose and you are again left without energy in a short while.

5. Not all Carbohydrates are Bad -

Carbohydrates come in different shapes and sizes. “Bad” carbohydrates to be limited include soft drinks, artificial syrups, sugar, white rice, white bread, and white pasta, and pastries &  desserts. “Good” carbs to have in your diet include whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables and meat. Remember, everyone needs carbs as they are the most important source of energy for your body. Just choose wisely which carbs you choose you fuel your body with.

6. Match your Foods Correctly -

Having the right pairing of foods can lead to improved digestion, energy, weight care and overall wellness. Avoid pairing protein-rich foods (including eggs and meat) with carbohydrate rich foods, such as fruit or starches. Starches like breads, pasta, rice and cereal should be eaten with vegetables only. Protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish and eggs should be eaten with healthy fat sources (curds, ghee) and vegetables.
Always eat fruit on its own; never immediately after food.

7. Smart Snacking -

​Snacking is a good habit. It helps to keep your metabolism high during and obviously keeps cravings at bay. Unfortunately, not all snack foods are the same. Crisps, chocolate, cake, basically all sugary processed snacks satiate you immediately, but feelings of satisfaction are quickly over and you will reach for more.
On the other hand, nuts, chopped fruit, celery, carrot sticks, vegetable juice or even a little portion of your lunch are all great snack suggestions.

8. Go Green -

If a vegetarian diet seems difficult , starting 2-3 days a week without meat  can have a positive effect on your weight loss. Vegetarian diets of  fruits, vegetables, and whole grains  are high in fibre. They take longer for your body to digest which mean you stay fuller for longer. Lastly, vegetables contain less calories than meat so you’re also consuming less calories on a plant-based diet.

9. Cut back your Sugar Intake -

Sugar, a carbohydrate, is great for a quick energy burst. But when you don’t use the sugar  right after it’s consumed, it turns into fat. So sugar is going straight to the bottom of your list, or even completely off the list. Focus on eliminating processed sugars found in soft drinks, chocolate, candy, sweets, doughnuts, muesli bars and generally any other processed foods.
Although fruit contains sugar, it is relatively a low amount in comparison to foods with processed sugar. However, if required  you might also have to control/omit your fruit intake. Grapes, mangos, sweet cherries, apples, pineapples, pears, chickoo and kiwi fruit contain the most sugar.

10. Sleep 7-8 hours a night -

Weight control is just one benefit from sleeping a full night’s rest. Sleep with an activated body; that keeps the BMR high and helps in burning more calories.

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