Saturday, 2 April 2016

How to eat clean?

Are you aware of how to eat clean?

Here are some suggestions to EAT CLEAN...

*Avoid White sugar - Instead use brown sugar, coconut sugar, Dates, Raw honey, Raw Jaggery

*Avoid White Flour maida -Instead have multigrain, whole wheat, jowari or bajra flour

*Avoid Processed food for example in place of flavoured yogurt have fresh curd, have fresh nuts (seasonal) instead of dried nuts.

*Avoid Chemically enhanced food (Genetically modified food) For example Avoid Canola oil as its too much refined, made from Genetically modified crops (a lots of  chemical injection given for variation)

*Avoid Artificial ingredients - a lots of preservative is added which is unwanted, so best is to avoid. For example sweet syrup, colas, fuzzy drinks.


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