Saturday, 2 April 2016

How to be active at work?

It is important to move in every 30-45 minutes.

Did you actually do that today?

Is your job sitting job? 
Are you sitting continuously for long time at one place ?
are you aware of consequences to sit for long time at once place ? 

You should get to know how uninterrupted sitting hours can be dangerous for your health:-

* Working long hours in a similar sitting position affects the blood circulation of body

*Increased risk of having diabetes and heart diseases

*Causes eye strain

*Causes tiredness in the back and neck muscles

*Reduces efficiency of heart and lungs

*Leads to back and joint pains

*Responsible for digestive problems

Make sure to more more throughout the day for good health.

Here are a few suggestions to keep you active at workplace:-

*Take small breaks.

*Avoid the elevator, use stairs.

*Go for a short walk during the lunch hour

*Rinse your eyes with water

*Move neck forward or backward

*Change body positions frequently

*Make correct adjustment of chair (height, tilt etc.)

*Carry out some simple exercises

*Sit in a comfortable position

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