Friday, 15 July 2016

What are the dos and donts to eat healthy?

Here are a few do and donts to eat healthy...


1. Drink 3 litres water each day
2. Include fiber in the meals by having fruit/salad/sprouts/green leafy vegetables.
3. Increase proteins intake by having more of pulses, beans, lentils, legumes, milk and non veg food
4. Reduce carbohydrate intake by having brown rice, whole wheat bread or jowar rotis
5. Include vitamins, minerals and good fats by including nuts and seeds.


1. Dont have foods high in white sugar, opt for jaggery or honey instead.
2. Dont have oily fried foods, opt for roasted or baked food instead.
3. Dont have processed foods, opt for fresh cooked traditional foods items.
4. Dont overeat, limit your portion size.
5. Dont starve yourself, eat small frequent meals throughout the day.

With every bite of food you take, you are either feeding disease or fighting it!!!

Eat Healthy & Be Healthy

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